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Project Controller (Teply Stan)

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• Extensive financial acumen including cost management, financial planning, procurement, and claims management
• Quantity Surveyor background
• Membership of QS related institutes, e.g. MRICS (member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, UK) is a plus
• Budget management - Knowledge of how to plan, organise and manage costs and expenditures for a business or organisation.
• Cost Control-Knowledge of how to implement a budget starting from the Land IR, till the final cost estimate and later on the CFU (Cost Follow Up); included the knowledge of appropriate tools, Cost Groups, cost benchmarking and how to recognize and prevent any deviation.
• Construction Procurement and Market-Knowledge of the internal procurement procedures in regards to construction activities within the project, including the knowledge of the local construction market.
• Procurement - Knowledge of the process of finding, agreeing on terms and acquiring goods, services or works from an external source by comparing offers and creating a competitive bidding process.
• Claims management - Knowledge of claims for compensation, restitution and repayment or any other remedy for loss or damage – or in regards for some other obligation.
• Financial management-Knowledge of how to plan, measure financial records in compliance with internal and external regulations and ensuring value for money in reaching business objectives and long term profitable growth


• Enabling profitable development of projects by performing investment modeling and investment analysis, including performing Investment Request preparation & follow up
• Be the link in the project between Ingka Centres domains, Real Estate and other key stakeholders regarding cost management and project investment
• Perform cash in/out flow modeling in the project (e.g. manage cash flow to ensure project runs according to budget, coordinate with Finance division on Financial Statements / cash flow forecasts / Interim payments for vendors)
• Consolidate all financial information needed for investment analysis and KPIs calculation in the feasibility model (e.g. carry out cost analyses for feasibility studies, perform cost control measures such as value engineering)
• Perform project scenario planning, sensitivity analysis and risk and opportunity evaluation (both sides, how income will influence cost and backwards)
• Manage the Cost Follow Up (CFU) reporting (including potential change orders forecast), and conduct cost analysis for the entire investment across all Cost Groups. where the budget is likely to be exceeded, discuss with project team and suggest savings
• Manage the end-to-end procurement/tendering process within the project
• Coordinate the change orders/claims management process to support project delivery, including assessment and reports on change orders, advise on vendors’ claims and dispute resolution
• Discuss with the design team on choice of materials, forms of construction, etc., in order to carry out cost estimate, cross check with ICC projects and establish project budgets
• Prepare and finalize the Final Accounts, establish Cost Data for future developments as well as compile and document cost control related project files, including ICC forms, etc.


Project Controller is responsible for the overall investment and cost management structure of a project or projects, supporting the Project Development Manager or Project Development Leader to keep control of the project costs and have the overall picture of the project’s financial situation.