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Logistics Operations Developer - Transport & Logistics Services AP (SH)

Shanghai, Municipalité de Shanghai Logistique & Chaine d’Approvisionnement Temps plein

Description de poste

Your tasks will include:

  •  Logistical ("flow") performance: Secure logistical operational performance from end-to-end perspective [assignment with specific focus on sender or receiver] as it is defined by respective set of KPIs/PIs (e.g. OTD) within given geographical scope. Follow-up and implement actions within existing and new delivery solutions.
  • Stakeholder management: Align with supply chain stakeholders on Area/Market level to secure logistical operational performance, as well as create preconditions for smooth and efficient transport production. Set and maintain regular communication forums, proactively search for improvements in cooperation, contribute to create understanding within supply chain regarding expectations, needs and preconditions with total cost in mind.
  • New optimized replenishment solutions: Lead their implementation (e.g. new routes) in alignment with relevant stakeholders and in close cooperation with Production Developers. Evaluates (e.g. Transit-/Non-Transit) and provides feedback to Regional Flow Optimization Specialist. Follow-up and adjust Lead Times based on OTD performance.
  • Continuous Improvements: Validate and optimize sending and receiving capabilities (e.g. Slot Management) as a link between all supply chain stakeholders. Act upon fluctuations to avoid performance disruptions and increased total cost. Propose new logistical set-up to support logistics cost development. Identifies and proposes volume consolidation opportunities and mid-receiver needs. Collaborate with Category Business Teams; support logistic development in new sourcing countries. Close cooperation with the central fulfilment unit and understanding of central fulfilment operation processes.
  • Daily Operations: Support the Transport Planning Team to solving repetitive deviations in operational activities.

Your knowledge, skills and experience include:

  • At least 3 years of logistics experience within a Multinational Company.

  • Good knowledge of Supply Chain operations.

  • Preferred knowledge of transport industry

  • Preferred knowledge of central fulfilment operation

  • Strong communication skills & team player.

  • Capability to deal with multiple tasks under time pressure.

  • Ability to act pro-actively and be able to find new solutions.

  • English Fluent

  • Ability to see IKEA as a whole and keep the focus on the IKEA customer.

For more information contact Olivia Wang here