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Administrator - BN/A(SZ) - One Year Contract

Shenzhen, Province de Guangdong Administration & Services Support Temps plein

Description de poste

Company description

Driven by strong values for over 75 years, our vision to create a better everyday life for the many people has led the IKEA brand to global success in home furnishings. Those values and that vision also guide us to create a better everyday life for IKEA co-workers, with work that offers challenges, growth, and freedom with responsibility, along with balance and respect for home life – so you have time for family and friends too.

You see things a little differently. So do we. That’s why your values are more important to us than just what’s on your CV. Here, you’ll find positions that challenge you, let you explore your possibilities, and give you a chance to grow – from a position like this one based in Shenzhen, China, you never know where in the world a job with IKEA might lead you! Why not come see things a little differently together?

Job description


  1. Responsible for a highly effective and cost-efficient office administration that supports co-workers in their daily needs such office cleaning and maintenance, canteen, car fleet management etc. 
  2. Responsible for optimal and cost efficient services 
  3. Secure that administrative routines are simple, communicated and monitore
  4. Contribute in cost follow ups, budget and forecasts connected to office administration 
  5. Secure safety and security matters connected to the office 
  6. Support the co-workers to understand and apply office routines 
  7. When relevant, support with assignment connected to local business needs including but not limited to: support with notary, expatriation and administration support for Transferred Employees, etc. 
  8. At any time, act as an ambassador of IKEA values




  1. Good knowledge of IKEA Financial Manual 
  2. Deep knowledge of administration related legislations 
  3. Very good understanding of IKEA Code of Conduct 
  4. Understanding of accounting and budgeting routine
  5. Good understanding of IKEA Safety & Security requirements and routines
  6. Good Negotiation skills


  1. Ability to priorities and perform multiple tasks on an operational level with great attention to details 
  2. Ability to ensure conformity with routines, compliance and legal requirements 
  3. Ability to work in a structured and organized way 
  4. Capability to communicate in a clear way and build relationships with external bodies in both English and Mandarin (vendors, local authorities, etc) 
  5. Capability to understand and support needs of internal customers 
  6. Capability to handle sensitive information with high integrity