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Market Planner - ICOMP(SZ)

Shenzhen, Province de Guangdong Achats & Sourcing Temps plein

Description de poste


The assignment of Market is to improve and develop the Home Furnishing Suppliers purchase of components.


Market Planner is responsible to plan and execute the market activities with concerned HFS and IKEA Purchasing.

Secure that the development and performance are according to agreed actions and goals.   


Collect and communicate business information into supply chain to secure availability at low cost for HFS

Build close business partnership with HFS/IKEA  Purchasing

Plan and execute the HFS need with internal stakeholders (mainly Demand Planner and Need Planner) for Partners, Prioritized and Potential Prioritized HFS during the item life cycle from start up to discontinued (working with FC, scrap, UTG)

Contribute to business development activities with HFS

Contribute into the offer process based on the collected DNE from HFS

Set common goals and action plans together with IKEA Purchasing.

Cooperate with relevant internal stakeholders in supply chain in order to develop the business, maximise IKEA benefit and achieve our goals.



University graduate with 2 years of relevant work experience in an international company is preferred

Fluent verbal and written English

Economic and Financial knowledge

Knowledge about IKEA Components business set-ups

IKEA and IKEA Components Supply chain knowledge

IKEA Components range knowledge in functionality, material

IKEA range knowledge

Basic market knowledge (competitors, prices, etc.)

Good knowledge of logistics and distribution methods


Capability to work together

Strong communication skills

Ability to build trustful long-term professional relationship

High ability in solving problems and see holistic perspective

Strong system skills (quick learner and precise in system)

Structured and organised in the daily work but as well flexible when need to meet demands of IKEA suppliers

Strong analytic skills